Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Scrap Crazy ~

I set out to do a fun quilt for my Stitch Corp group with some really fun and fantastic Cherrywood Fabric.  One of my most favorite fabrics to work with.

It looks like suede, but it's cotton and sews up beautifully.

The pattern is called Scrap Crazy.  It has 3 templates to make the 5 pattern pieces.  I loved the way the templates were chunky and slip resistant in cutting out my shapes. The cutting went very quickly. The pattern pieces and directions as shown here were very easily readable.  It even shows you a layout you can do with the pieces, which is what is shown in the final quilt.

The fabric that I used were just scraps....left over Cherrywood fabric from other projects.  I had a wide variety of colors that really popped once the quilt was put together. .  I didn't let my symmetrical art brain take over cutting of these fabric pieces.  I wanted a scrappy look  with all the different colors and that's exactly what I achieved!

This could be used on any fabric or any color combination of fabric you want to build on.

After I had everything cut out, I started sorting and laying out the pieces on my design board.  After a few changes I ended up with this layout.  It's a little messy!

The piecing went really fast and I ironed as I went, which is always a good practice. Makes sewing your quilt seams a breeze when you are sewing your two sections together.

There are so many possibilities that could be achieved from these pattern pieces.  If you look at the photos you can see that some cool designs could come out of these pieces if you took time to explore colors and the way the blocks are turned in your final design.  The possibilities are endless!

Here is where you can get the Scrap Crazy pattern from our dear friends at Spool Quilt Shop

The fabulous Cherrywood fabric is found here:

So go and become Scrap happy with these Scrap Crazy tools!

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