Monday, September 21, 2015

 Perfectly Sized No-Wave Quilt Borders

Why does this happen!

We have ALL experienced it!

That is wavy borders!

Thanks to Sam Hunter of Hunters Design Studio for letting me join in on this awesome blog hop.  I hope you have been following along with all the tips, tricks, and basically the nitty gritty from a quilters standpoint.  Lots of great information.  If you haven’t visited all of the blogs do so by clicking on the bloggers at the end of my post.

So NOW to get down to it….the No-Wave quilt border.

Like I said at the beginning, we ALL have experienced this at some point in our quilting; whether you are the quilt virgin with your first quilt under your belt to the most experienced quilter, and or a longarm quilter who regularly quilts your fabric babies.

The first step to insure your quilt will be “perfect” and square is to make sure your blocks are of all the same size and as you are piecing your blocks that your seam allowances are that “perfect” ¼” seam.

Now that being said, I know I am NOT perfect!  I try my best for all my points, rows etc being spot on, but I do find that there is sometimes an issue with wavy borders even when things are perfectly matched. 

There is a very simple way to make sure when you put your borders on they will fit nicely  and lay flat. Here's the most used technique in the biz!

 By placing a tape measure on the length of the quilt border, take two or three center measurements of the quilt body and average that number.   If you can trim and square your pieced quilt at this time it is highly recommended. (Refer to photos on how to measure). 
Cut two borders that length and pin them to opposite sides of the quilt.  Match the ends and centers, and then gently ease in any fullness. 
Pin, sew, and press
Repeat for the top and bottom borders.

When you are adding borders to increase the size of your quilt, I feel if you create a few smaller borders to achieve this is better than one LARGE border.

I find this way is the best for me when I am sewing on my borders. 

There have been numerous blogs on just this subject.  Several different ways others feel is key to their success.  Experiment the next time you are cutting borders out for a new quilt.  Come back and post here on my blog other ways that you feel are better or different showing good results!  We always can learn new tricks of the trade. 

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers, lots of interesting bits of information!

Happy Quilting ~ and may your borders not wavy back at you!


  1. If you do have to ease anything to make it fit put the longer bit on the bottom and the machine feed dogs will help.

  2. I love this reminder. Now I need to figure out how not to create waves when I am quilting. It doesn't happen on my long arm, only my domestic.
    I love reading all the posts in our blog hop.

    1. Kathy I have not mastered free motion quilting on my domestic machine yet, so that I have no answers! I want to take a class with Jerry Granata and maybe I will be able to answer it more intelligently!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love seeing a blog post about borders. We don't see a lot of them in modern quilting, but they are prevalent in antique and more traditional quilts.

    1. I haven't entered the world of modern quilts yet. I like the look of some, just haven't got their yet!
      Thanks for stopping by the blog hop and hope you've learned a few new tricks!