Monday, August 31, 2015

ATC ~ Artist Trading Cards

What are they and why would you want to join - actually have some fun!?
ATC's are an artist's creation on paper cards to trade with other artists.  It will be fun to see others creations.  So starting off  here is what I used.  I will break it down as we go along of what products I used.

My first step was to Gelliprint my ATC brown cards.  Unfortunately, I forgot to show the gelliplate with my combination of paint on it.  I squirted the two colors (Golden Fluid Orange and Liquidtex Turquoise) on the plate and used my brayer to paint the entire gelliplate surface smearing the colors together.  I then firmly placed the cards on the gelliplate.  If you need help in gelliplate printing here is a good website to follow, they have a lot great videos and giveaways:

I let these dry overnight before I did the next step ~ Thermofax screen printing. I used the Plaid Screen printing paint in the color Recycle and my leaf thermofax screen that I got in a dye class I took at the Houston Quilt Festival last year. As you can see these thermofax screen can be used on all types of media - paper, cardstock, and all types of fabric.

So I used the thermofax screen with my rubber squeegee to use only a portion of the screen that I wanted for each card. 

I am saving the best for the trade.  So join in and you will get one of my final ATC's!

Come to Lynn Krawczyk's blog and get all the details.  Sign up by Sept.1st and join in the fun.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pattern Wednesdays ~

I love, love, this day of the week.  Come get some inspiration, show your pattern, and just have a little fun!  I decided to show this doodle I did for a quilt.  I think I might want to turn it into a thermofax screen.  So here you go...join the fun with us over at Lynn's blog: