Sunday, May 17, 2015

Some have come before me!

It began with a little post: "Who wants to join a blog to show off your clean studios?" from my good quilty friend Cheryl Sleboda of
Of course I said "YES" and then contemplated on those words.  What did I just get myself into! For one, my FIRST BLOG HOP EVER!  It will be fun... I promise! Don't raise your eyebrows at me and tell me you have a million other things going on! And Secondly: "My studio will get the much needed clean up its been needing for a LONG time before I start my next big projects."  A couple secret ones going on as I type! Those will be revealed later this year.
Personally, I always have at least 4-5 projects going at one time.  One may be in the queue (fabric selection process) and others are in-between cutting, piecing, or sewing on the longarm stages. I love the smell and freshness of a clean studio! Open the window, let the dust out and the sunshine in!
My "studio" encompasses a great deal of my house. Upstairs are my hordes of fabric, art books, quilts, threads, scrapbooking materials, and of course, my long arm machine. While downstairs is the designing wall and the cutting, piecing, ironing area of all my projects (aka my kitchen table, kitchen countertops and wine bar area).
I know most quilters are envious of such a large space! Yes it’s grand, until you have to clean it all by yourself! 
Course what I used to tell my children somehow doesn't seem to apply to myself until I acquire the proper motivation! “If you made the mess, you need to clean it up.”  My children are out of the house now with their own jobs and apartments to clean, and they only come home for the holidays (which is another time that everything gets #springcleaning)  I usually spend my vacations going where they are living to visit and do some hiking, camping, and sight-seeing.  So this mess I see is made only by me! I do deep heavy cleaning when the mess gets too much for me to bare and when I can't seem to find the scissors I'm looking for!
So come on and get organized! This is your motivation! Let's do this together!
If you want to join in, use the #springcleanyourstudio on social media and then we all can look at the developments along the way.  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, you never know what pile of goodies awaits a giveaway!
So with no further ado:  Before and after pictures.

We'll start with the small stuff first.
Do I use this ironing board you ask!  Why yes and I always have to clean it off.  What you can’t see is on the end under the one leaf quilt, there are SEVERAL other projects in various stages!  You can't tell that by these pictures!

Hopefully it will stay this way! Future projects now have their own cubbies as you'll see below.
This mess expands half of my kitchen (including the STOVE).  You can tell how often I cook. The cleanup has helped me keep things organized in these cubbies. Fabric collections (Jason yenter/Asian/Batiks) all put together and labeled, dyes, UFO's, quilt rulers and some of my craft supplies all labeled and stashed together and taken upstairs and neatly put away!

As I said before, all fabric has been organized into cubbies that have been labeled!  Easier to find right?!  Only problem for me is once I clean there is always something I can’t find ~ let's just say 2 ziplock baggies full of 2” cut strips of stash fabric.  Really? I have looked everywhere….to no avail.  They will turn up at some point! 
Aforementioned cubbies ~ there's more upstairs all put away!
These are what lingered downstairs.

And a nice cleaned off table! See the Bee actually found it's proper place ~ up on the quilt hanger in my front room! Looks better than on the chair.

Wine Anyone! 

The lights are lit and the bar is clean and fully stocked.....let's get this party started!
The design wall got cleaned off...but the table remains messy.  This holds all paints, brushes, tubs of painting paraphernalia!  So this will get cleaned another day.
Finally we made it to the upstairs.  You can see all the cubbies for fabric and all projects that are at the UFO stage have been neatly stacked.  I still do have a little bit of clean up to do upstairs, but for the most part it is clean and a workable space. Have fun with our mess...join along #springcleanyourstudio.  Show us your mess
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  1. I've been 'refiling' all sorts of things that were pulled out while prepping for Quilt Week here in Paducah and projects relating to an on-line workshop I'm working on --- but, right now I am trying to hunt down something that seems to have disappeared --- Not Good, but things always seem to show up at some point. Thanks for sharing your space --- always fun to see where we all carve out our work spaces.

  2. Yes Rose it seems like we are always "refiling" as artists, but it's a fun process especially when you find the unexpected! This was such a fun blog hop. I know when you lose something, it does turn up, when you least expect it! Have fun!

  3. I love your house before and after! The kitchen with the fabric really gave me a huge smile. Not only did I love your house and your post but you spelled my last name correctly! Great job all the way around!

    1. Thanks Kathy! Lol my kids don't think it's so funny when they come home for the holidays! Maybe one day they will look back on it and have a chuckle! I am glad you liked it and I had great fun with all you gals!