Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fabric Printing at Home  ~ May 1st, 2015

So as you all know I love broadening my horizons when it comes to art.  So one of the surface design artist is having a challenge on her blog.  I of course wanted to join in and see what I could create.  I went with a wine theme, using the bottom of a wine glass, shot glass and the end of a cork.

She has a lot of different techniques that you can try with just everyday kitchen items!  So go follow along and join in.  Prizes and art! What more could you possible ask for!

Scavenger Hunt - Circle Challenge
Here is her blog ~
Julie B Booth ~

Challenge #2 of printing - Lines ~ May 3rd, 2015
I originally did these pieces to start out with.  I used a wooden skewer and tried to roll it across the gelliplate to get lines, but that didn't work so well.  I then went and scribbled with the skewer on the plate and then pressed my fabric on it.  I also used a small whip to make some marks. I painted watery thin yellow paint for accent.

I really didn't like them too much.  So I decided after reading Lynn Krawczyk blog and seeing her piece I wanted to do some more on these.  So I used popsicle sticks - small ones that I use to mix paint with and sprayed an orange dye over them.  Awww much better! This has really been a great learning experience on how to go about printing with lots of different techniques.  I think they could withstand one or two more rounds of paint...maybe circles!


  1. Love your theme, Deb! And the final result is very cool!

    1. Thanks Julie! This has been a very fun challenge for me!