Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Challenge 3 - May 5th, 2015
Scavenger Hunt - Fabric Printing at Home - Texture Challenge

I tried some fun things tonight with the creating texture challenge.  I had bought some of the sticky back foam sheets at Joann's on Saturday.  I have been want to make some stencils/masks/etc out of them, but instead for now I had fun sticking my kitchen finds to them for this texture challenge.  I cut the foam piece in half and to the one I stuck a lemon plastic bag and the other piece - rice!

I decided to use the plastic weave first and used yellow paint first and pressed it onto my fabric.  I then used orange paint and pressed it the opposite direction onto my fabric.  I got a little too much paint in a couple of the areas so it turned out a denser pattern, but in all I was pleased with the outcome.

I then painted a very watered down turquoise paint on to some of the areas of the fabric to give it a little different coloration.  Then I painted the foam piece that had the rice pressed to it with turquoise.
Pressed and rolled it with my brayer and  I really like the effect!  I may get the hang of this printing yet! 

Have fun experimenting~ I know I am.

Here is Julie's blog ~
Julie B Booth ~ threadbornblog.com

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