Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Bee Quilt and more~
I decided to blog this morning, it's -7 here with the windchill factor of -25! Really!!! Great day to sit by the fireplace and get some projects done. 
I finished my bee quilt and decided to make the background a little warmer with a white on off white fabric I have had for sometime now.  Perfect choice!  See what you think. 
I love this fabric, the yellows are V&Co Color theory and the grays are Amy Ellis Modern Neutrals which you can get yardage from Spool Quilt from the link below.
I can't wait to get this one on the longarm.  I have a few ideas on how to turn this into a really cool wall hanging.  More on that later when the longarm frees up of other projects!
I have more yardage of these fabrics coming in this colorway, but they have other colors which I may need to invest in later! 
 So I usually have about three projects going at one time,
and I have to admit I enjoy jumping back and forth from each as I get bored easily with just trying to finish one project.

The oriental quilt is still on the longarm, and I will be getting to that maybe today, but really have to be in the mood to finish this one.  I have so many ideas I want to quilt on it, so as the artistic flow takes over it will be a process worth waiting for.
The wine collage is also still on the art table.  I have painted paper and am ready to dive in, just have not had the courage yet to do so.  I love the work of Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, she is quite the collage artist.  I want to finish this project sometime soon.  Go check out her collages.
So what's the third project ~
Well I am off and running again on creating my series of GIS quilts!
I may even be using some of my newly dyed fabric! This one is the 3rd in the Series:
“Earth in Three Bands: R, G, B” 
Richet Structure some call it Eye of the Sahara
It's been in the newspapers and there seems to be a bit of a mystery of how it was really formed.
Interesting read (link below).  Go to Google Earth and see what it looks like.  Amazing features will make this remote sensed photo turn into another amazing quilt!
 Last but not least!  Stay warm today even it if means watching videos.  Here's a great one to peruse.

Jamie Wallen Thread Fusion 1

I took a class with Jamie about 10 years ago when I first purchased my longarm.  I am going to refresh some techniques for my up coming GIS quilts.
Stay tuned for more creativeness.
What's next ~ a pottery class, how to paint landscapes with watercolors?  Go and create! We all have a creative side, let yours come out and play! 

Friday, February 6, 2015

New project alert! 

This is the cutest thing ever! 

Once again I am honored to be doing another project for our illustrious leader of Stitch Corp, Maddie Kertay from the Bad Ass Quilters Society.

My cousin is going to go nuts over this this bee~utiful quilt pattern!  At Christmas time she brought me my very own jar of honey from her bees! So this one is perfect for her! 

Packages from Spool always come neatly wrapped!

And the contents are even better!  


The pattern is called Apiary by Casey York ~~  The link below will get you to this pattern over at Spool.

The fabric is also linked below. This fabric was specially bundled for this pattern! Perfect match!

You can also find Casey's patterns here, she has other appliques like sharks!

This fabric is truly inspirational with this pattern!

So let's get started!

First read all the instructions before starting!  I used Steam -a-Seam 2 for this project.  Please check your fusible before you start.  You want a fusible that will be permanent for this project.  

I traced all the applique pieces onto my Steam-a-Seam 2.  Casey has a very nice sheet that has all your applique pieces on it and is very trace-friendly.  No standing at the window trying to trace! 
This one dandelion in the picture below had to be traced with the end  below it since it didn't fit completely on the one sheet of fusible.

After tracing all your pieces onto the fusible, you will want to iron them onto the back of your fabric choices.  

And now we cut! I cut each piece out of the fabric.  You will want a sharp pair of scissors for this, so as not to fray your applique edges as you are cutting them out.

~And we cut

And cut~

~And cut....... 

Once you have all your pieces cut, square up your background fabric.  This pattern calls for a 55" x 70" piece for the background.  I made this one smaller, wall hanging size with less negative space approx. 44" x 60".

I used my design wall to pin the fabric up to after I folded and found the center of my background.
After finding center I went to work on arranging the applique pieces as the pattern shows.  It makes a really cute honeycomb shape!  Easy, simple and a make in a day kind of quilt!



I can't wait to make one for myself and quilt all that negative space with hexies as honeycombs, bees, and hives!  I may even piece some hexies out of the matching fabric and applique on!  Go check out these awesome patterns and fabric, great winter project!