Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Poison Bottles ~

“What an interesting subject matter for a quilt”, were my very first thoughts when Misty Cole asked me to become one of her quilt-along bloggers for her project – Poison Bottle Block of the Month.  After doing a little research on my own, I found out why these antique poison bottles were so popular back in the day!  WOW!  It was a necessity that these bottles emerged.  DEATH – accidental poisonings were what made the industry change the way these bottles were made.  After a very published issue arose where a patient was accidently poisoned, I found it very interesting that they used sleigh bells to try to show distinction between these bottles and a bottle of cough syrup in the middle of the night.

Can you just imagine!  How horrible that would be if you picked up the wrong bottle by mistake.  Although the sleigh bells were effective, the industry decided to put lettering and symbols on the bottles to further warn their consumers of danger. To further the distinction between these poison bottles and a normal medicine bottle some were made in the shape of  skulls or coffins!   As you can imagine, these images were very distinguishable –skull and cross bones, large lettering embossed on the bottles- POISON, ARSENIC, DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY.

I was chosen for the month of December to portray 2 bottles.  The Gold Rib and Tipper's animal medicine bottles.  I found one silver bottle in my research and decided that was one of the bottle I was protraying and loved the look in silver.

I used a sliver lame material which frays very easily, so I worked quickly on this to get the edges turned under and sewn.  I used a fusible web - Steam a seam 2 in the lite version to accomplish this feat.

The second bottle which is the Gold Ribbed one, I made in green.  In my research there were a lot of these bottles in green.

I used the same fusible web and used a raw edge applique for the bottle itself.  I wanted to show the ribs in three dimensions so I added the pieces shown on the sides of the bottle to add the depth that I wanted.  I ended up stitching the ribs for detail.  Both bottles were ironed on the background piece.

So my finished block which is 14 x 14 turned out nicely as you can tell below.  I stitched the word "POISON" on the silver bottle to give it the embossed lettering look.

Visit Misty's blog and find out more about these historical "Poison Bottles".
There are more block designs also available from her and the other bloggers!

Pick your Brain Designs – Arts with Smarts

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Scrap Crazy ~

I set out to do a fun quilt for my Stitch Corp group with some really fun and fantastic Cherrywood Fabric.  One of my most favorite fabrics to work with.

It looks like suede, but it's cotton and sews up beautifully.

The pattern is called Scrap Crazy.  It has 3 templates to make the 5 pattern pieces.  I loved the way the templates were chunky and slip resistant in cutting out my shapes. The cutting went very quickly. The pattern pieces and directions as shown here were very easily readable.  It even shows you a layout you can do with the pieces, which is what is shown in the final quilt.

The fabric that I used were just scraps....left over Cherrywood fabric from other projects.  I had a wide variety of colors that really popped once the quilt was put together. .  I didn't let my symmetrical art brain take over cutting of these fabric pieces.  I wanted a scrappy look  with all the different colors and that's exactly what I achieved!

This could be used on any fabric or any color combination of fabric you want to build on.

After I had everything cut out, I started sorting and laying out the pieces on my design board.  After a few changes I ended up with this layout.  It's a little messy!

The piecing went really fast and I ironed as I went, which is always a good practice. Makes sewing your quilt seams a breeze when you are sewing your two sections together.

There are so many possibilities that could be achieved from these pattern pieces.  If you look at the photos you can see that some cool designs could come out of these pieces if you took time to explore colors and the way the blocks are turned in your final design.  The possibilities are endless!

Here is where you can get the Scrap Crazy pattern from our dear friends at Spool Quilt Shop

The fabulous Cherrywood fabric is found here:

So go and become Scrap happy with these Scrap Crazy tools!

Monday, September 21, 2015

 Perfectly Sized No-Wave Quilt Borders

Why does this happen!

We have ALL experienced it!

That is wavy borders!

Thanks to Sam Hunter of Hunters Design Studio for letting me join in on this awesome blog hop.  I hope you have been following along with all the tips, tricks, and basically the nitty gritty from a quilters standpoint.  Lots of great information.  If you haven’t visited all of the blogs do so by clicking on the bloggers at the end of my post.

So NOW to get down to it….the No-Wave quilt border.

Like I said at the beginning, we ALL have experienced this at some point in our quilting; whether you are the quilt virgin with your first quilt under your belt to the most experienced quilter, and or a longarm quilter who regularly quilts your fabric babies.

The first step to insure your quilt will be “perfect” and square is to make sure your blocks are of all the same size and as you are piecing your blocks that your seam allowances are that “perfect” ¼” seam.

Now that being said, I know I am NOT perfect!  I try my best for all my points, rows etc being spot on, but I do find that there is sometimes an issue with wavy borders even when things are perfectly matched. 

There is a very simple way to make sure when you put your borders on they will fit nicely  and lay flat. Here's the most used technique in the biz!

 By placing a tape measure on the length of the quilt border, take two or three center measurements of the quilt body and average that number.   If you can trim and square your pieced quilt at this time it is highly recommended. (Refer to photos on how to measure). 
Cut two borders that length and pin them to opposite sides of the quilt.  Match the ends and centers, and then gently ease in any fullness. 
Pin, sew, and press
Repeat for the top and bottom borders.

When you are adding borders to increase the size of your quilt, I feel if you create a few smaller borders to achieve this is better than one LARGE border.

I find this way is the best for me when I am sewing on my borders. 

There have been numerous blogs on just this subject.  Several different ways others feel is key to their success.  Experiment the next time you are cutting borders out for a new quilt.  Come back and post here on my blog other ways that you feel are better or different showing good results!  We always can learn new tricks of the trade. 

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers, lots of interesting bits of information!

Happy Quilting ~ and may your borders not wavy back at you!

Friday, September 18, 2015

SAQA AUCTION~ begins today

Ribbon Lakes of Russia is in the auction

Here is the background info about the Ribbon Lakes of Russia.  This is a NASA satellite image that I have turn into an art quilt.

The vivid blue half circle (bottom) in this Landsat 5 image from 2005 is Russia’s Chaunskaya Bay in northeastern Siberia. Two major rivers, the Chaun and Palyavaam, flow into the bay, which in turn opens into the Arctic Ocean. Ribbon lakes and bogs are present throughout the area, created by depressions left by receding glaciers. Owing to its extreme northern location, the bay is covered by
ice most of the year.

Here's where you can find the auction:

Here is the making of the quilt:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to School Blog Hop ~~~

This is going to be some fun and informational at the same time!  It kicks off today!
Check out each blog for some fun tutorials!

Sept 1: Peta Minerof-Bartos of PetaQuilts – So, Does that Diagonal Method for a Pieced Backing Really Work
Sept 2: Cheryl Sleboda of Muppin.com – The Quilter’s Knot
Sept 3: Teresa Coates of Crinkle Dreams – The Importance of Pressing
Sept 4: Cath Hall of Wombat Quilts – Color Coding for Paper-piecing
Sept 5: Sam Hunter of Hunter’s Design Studio – How to Calculate and Cut Bias Binding
Sept 6: Melanie McNeil of Catbird Quilt Studio – Credit where Credit is Due
Sept 7: Mandy Leins of Mandalei Quilts – How to Keep a Perfect 1/4” Seam Between Different Machines
Sept 8: Rose Hughes of Rose Hughes – Fast Pieced Applique
Sept 9: Megan Dougherty of The Bitchy Stitcher – The Care and Feeding of the Domestic Sewing Machine
Sept 10: Lynn Krawczyk of Smudged Design Studio – Make a Mobile Art Kit
Sept 11: Susan Beal of West Coast Crafty – Log Cabin 101
Sept 12: Sarah Lawson of Sew Sweetness – Zipper Tips
Sept 13: Jane Victoria of Jolly and Delilah – Matching Seams
Sept 14: Jemelia Hilfiger of Je’s Bend – Garment Making Tips and Tricks
Sept 15: Ebony Love of LoveBug Studios – Curved Piecing Without Pins
Sept 16: Misty Cole of Daily Design Wall – Types of Basting
Sept 17: Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams – Setting your Seams
Sept 18: Christina Cameli of A Few Scraps – Joining Quilted Pieces by Machine
Sept 19: Bill Volckening of WonkyWorld – The Importance of Labels
Sept 20: Jessica Darling of Jessica Darling – How to Make a Quilt Back
Sept 21: Debbie Kleve Birkebile of Mountain Trail Quilt Treasures – Perfectly Sized No-Wave Quilt Borders
Sept 22: Heather Kinion of Heather K is a Quilter – Baby Quilts for Baby Steps
Sept 23: Michelle Freedman of Design Camp PDX – TNT: Thread, Needle, Tension
Sept 24: Kathy Mathews of Chicago Now Quilting Sewing Creation – Button Holes
Sept 25: Jane Shallala Davidson of Quilt Jane – Corner Triangle Methods
Sept 27: Cristy Fincher of Purple Daisies Quilting – The Power of Glue Basting
Sept 28: Catherine Redford of Catherine Redford – Change the Needle!
Sept 29: Amalia Teresa Parra Morusiewicz of Fun From A to Z – French Knots, – ooh la la!
Sept 30: Victoria Findlay Wolfe of Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts – How to Align Your Fabrics for Dog Ears
October 1: Tracy Mooney of 3LittleBrds – Teaching Kiddos to Sew on a Sewing Machine
October 2: Trish Frankland, guest posting on Persimon Dreams – The Straight Stitch Throat Plate
October 3: Flaun Cline of I Plead Quilty – Lining Strips Up

Monday, August 31, 2015

ATC ~ Artist Trading Cards

What are they and why would you want to join - actually have some fun!?
ATC's are an artist's creation on paper cards to trade with other artists.  It will be fun to see others creations.  So starting off  here is what I used.  I will break it down as we go along of what products I used.

My first step was to Gelliprint my ATC brown cards.  Unfortunately, I forgot to show the gelliplate with my combination of paint on it.  I squirted the two colors (Golden Fluid Orange and Liquidtex Turquoise) on the plate and used my brayer to paint the entire gelliplate surface smearing the colors together.  I then firmly placed the cards on the gelliplate.  If you need help in gelliplate printing here is a good website to follow, they have a lot great videos and giveaways:

I let these dry overnight before I did the next step ~ Thermofax screen printing. I used the Plaid Screen printing paint in the color Recycle and my leaf thermofax screen that I got in a dye class I took at the Houston Quilt Festival last year. As you can see these thermofax screen can be used on all types of media - paper, cardstock, and all types of fabric.

So I used the thermofax screen with my rubber squeegee to use only a portion of the screen that I wanted for each card. 

I am saving the best for the trade.  So join in and you will get one of my final ATC's!

Come to Lynn Krawczyk's blog and get all the details.  Sign up by Sept.1st and join in the fun.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pattern Wednesdays ~

I love, love, this day of the week.  Come get some inspiration, show your pattern, and just have a little fun!  I decided to show this doodle I did for a quilt.  I think I might want to turn it into a thermofax screen.  So here you go...join the fun with us over at Lynn's blog:


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pattern Wednesday!

As I was growing up I loved to doodle and draw.  One of my favorite things were to draw things in 3D perspective.  So not that I will probably use these as prints, but I thought I would start back at the basics to get me back into drawing and doodling.  The picture is very crude at best, but it gets you back to basic perspectives.  Have fun and join Lynn and the rest over at https://www.facebook.com/SmudgedTextilesStudio?fref=ts

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Missing Pattern Wednesdays ~

I have missed at least one if not two Pattern Wednesdays and I needed to get back into creating some art.....so here we go for this week.  I am calling this one Sunfire.

Join me at Lynn's Pattern Wednesday's blog  http://smudgedtextilesstudio.com/
Show us what you got!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Once again it's Wednesday~

Yes we missed last week, so here we go to catch up!  This pattern is another doodle of mine.

Join up with us and visit Lynn's blog to see the rest of the Wednesday patterns for this week or add your own here.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Free Stencil giveaway~

Thought I would get in on this cool surface design stencil giveaway! 

#margaretapplindesigns, #stencils, #stencilexplosion, #Anastasia, #Becca, #Jess, #Zoe

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pattern Wednesday......

Who's joining us today!?  I had a fun time making some patterns this week.  I have been saving my toilet paper rolls for a while now, waiting for the right time to use them.   Well here we go....did you know there is a ton of artwork that has been made out of these rolls...go figure!  
 I am continuing printing on the same fabric week after week.  I am going with a mod theme from the 70's.  Yes, I am a throwback from that time frame and still wish the 70's were happening now!  So save those rolls make some art!

Join Lynn Krawczyk and her followers:

Here's my flowers...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another week has past us by.....

Have you been thinking about patterns....Wednesday patterns!  Well here's this weeks.  I decided to get into the paint.  Actually make my design on a screen and print it on some fabric instead of drawing on paper.   I used the Gelli plate to pull a couple prints on fabric which included a hotglue stencil I made in the shape of flowers.  Flower Power!

I found some meshy fabric and painted my mod podge on it last night to create my stencil.  What goes with Flower Power.....well nothing better than a peace sign.

Here is my printing!

This is a lone peace sign, but I have some plans later for it!

Join the fun....and see what everyone else is doing here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pattern Wednesday~

I missed last week since I was on vacation.  So please join me for some fun in creating great patterns for printing. I am going to get some stencil fabric and modge podge to start making my designs into stencils to further this artistic journey.  Follow along...or heck play along with us all! It's fun creating.

See Lynn's blog for more details?:http://smudgedtextilesstudio.com/2015/06/weekly-pattern-wednesday-week-3-reveal/

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pattern Wednesdays ~

Join me for some fun in creating some great patterns for printing. I am starting a journey on creating these and following Lynn Krawczyk over at Smudged Textiles Studio:


So here's my first of many patterns

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Some have come before me!

It began with a little post: "Who wants to join a blog to show off your clean studios?" from my good quilty friend Cheryl Sleboda of Muppin.com.
Of course I said "YES" and then contemplated on those words.  What did I just get myself into! For one, my FIRST BLOG HOP EVER!  It will be fun... I promise! Don't raise your eyebrows at me and tell me you have a million other things going on! And Secondly: "My studio will get the much needed clean up its been needing for a LONG time before I start my next big projects."  A couple secret ones going on as I type! Those will be revealed later this year.
Personally, I always have at least 4-5 projects going at one time.  One may be in the queue (fabric selection process) and others are in-between cutting, piecing, or sewing on the longarm stages. I love the smell and freshness of a clean studio! Open the window, let the dust out and the sunshine in!
My "studio" encompasses a great deal of my house. Upstairs are my hordes of fabric, art books, quilts, threads, scrapbooking materials, and of course, my long arm machine. While downstairs is the designing wall and the cutting, piecing, ironing area of all my projects (aka my kitchen table, kitchen countertops and wine bar area).
I know most quilters are envious of such a large space! Yes it’s grand, until you have to clean it all by yourself! 
Course what I used to tell my children somehow doesn't seem to apply to myself until I acquire the proper motivation! “If you made the mess, you need to clean it up.”  My children are out of the house now with their own jobs and apartments to clean, and they only come home for the holidays (which is another time that everything gets #springcleaning)  I usually spend my vacations going where they are living to visit and do some hiking, camping, and sight-seeing.  So this mess I see is made only by me! I do deep heavy cleaning when the mess gets too much for me to bare and when I can't seem to find the scissors I'm looking for!
So come on and get organized! This is your motivation! Let's do this together!
If you want to join in, use the #springcleanyourstudio on social media and then we all can look at the developments along the way.  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, you never know what pile of goodies awaits a giveaway!
So with no further ado:  Before and after pictures.

We'll start with the small stuff first.
Do I use this ironing board you ask!  Why yes and I always have to clean it off.  What you can’t see is on the end under the one leaf quilt, there are SEVERAL other projects in various stages!  You can't tell that by these pictures!

Hopefully it will stay this way! Future projects now have their own cubbies as you'll see below.
This mess expands half of my kitchen (including the STOVE).  You can tell how often I cook. The cleanup has helped me keep things organized in these cubbies. Fabric collections (Jason yenter/Asian/Batiks) all put together and labeled, dyes, UFO's, quilt rulers and some of my craft supplies all labeled and stashed together and taken upstairs and neatly put away!

As I said before, all fabric has been organized into cubbies that have been labeled!  Easier to find right?!  Only problem for me is once I clean there is always something I can’t find ~ let's just say 2 ziplock baggies full of 2” cut strips of stash fabric.  Really? I have looked everywhere….to no avail.  They will turn up at some point! 
Aforementioned cubbies ~ there's more upstairs all put away!
These are what lingered downstairs.

And a nice cleaned off table! See the Bee quilt....it actually found it's proper place ~ up on the quilt hanger in my front room! Looks better than on the chair.

Wine Anyone! 

The lights are lit and the bar is clean and fully stocked.....let's get this party started!
The design wall got cleaned off...but the table remains messy.  This holds all paints, brushes, tubs of painting paraphernalia!  So this will get cleaned another day.
Finally we made it to the upstairs.  You can see all the cubbies for fabric and all projects that are at the UFO stage have been neatly stacked.  I still do have a little bit of clean up to do upstairs, but for the most part it is clean and a workable space. Have fun with our mess...join along #springcleanyourstudio.  Show us your mess
 Final days of the blog hop ~ go back and check them out if you missed any:
***Sign up for my newsletter and get a chance to win some patterns, fabric and goodies that I found that are duplicates or unneeded! But above anything else ~ Create art.....no matter what kind it is!****
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 ~Don't miss our trailer ~