Saturday, August 16, 2014

August in Review~~
It's been a month and a half since I posted and I haven't gotten back to my special series of quilts as of yet.  Both of the quilts did get accepted into Houston and I finally made my plans and airfare so that I can finally enjoy going to the Quilt Festival!  And to top it off, see my quilts displayed in a juried show.  It is quite the accomplishment for me.  I plan on taking some classes in Houston very different than just longarm quilting classes.  I am entering my art quilts and really want some more surface, fiber and paint classes.  So that's where this adventure is taking me.  I feel that I have stepped more into the surface and fiber design stage with this new quilt series.

I have also been asked to do a write up about my new series of quilts for one of the thread companies in which I have used their threads extensively throughout my art quilts.  If nothing else entering these have gotten me more exposure to who I am as a quilter...fiber artist!

 I have been busy finishing up client quilts out of the queue so that I can enjoy my vacation and be recharged when I return to start the next GIS quilt in my series. 

I have a couple of my own quilting projects that I want to accomplish also when I return.  Here's my paper piecing quilt that is on the design wall now.  It's my first attempt at paper piecing, but I feel it's such a grand step in the right direction.  Very happy with the results.

My daughter recently moved to Cortez Colorado and was working her first job as an Archeologist until she got laid off and has recently moved to Utah.  So my son and I will be flying into Vegas and driving up to Utah to visit her...see all the National Parks in Utah and fly out from Durango Colorado.  I have eagerly been waiting this vacation.

 I am getting my studio cleaned this next few days and ready for when I return.

I will update sometime later in Sept after I am home from vacation and start on the new quilt.

Deb Berkebile