Sunday, July 20, 2014

An Evolving Artist

 I have always wanted to be called “an artist”!  An artist by definition is: “a person whose trade or profession requires a knowledge of design, drawing, painting, etc.”  I am an artist!  I have been quilting for 10 years or so with a professional longarm business also.  During this time I have always wanted to create something of my “own”; be “known” for my art.  I have finally come full circle and “created” something of my very “own”.  I have also entered these two quilts in competitions this year.  This is a dream come true!  A true artist! 

My journey has been pieced together…or should I say woven together by the events that have unfolded these last two years. 

My new series of quilts: “Earth in Three Bands: R, G, B” Series have been accepted into the Houston International Quilt Festival: A World of Beauty.  They will be judged with my peers.  These quilts are an artistic depiction of The Painted Desert and The Susitna-Glacier taken from the viewpoint of the 2009 Landsat 5 Satellite remote sensed image.

 I discovered these amazing satellite images while in a Remote Sensing class I took as I was pursing my degree in GIS (Geographical Information Systems). The vivid colors and their outstanding variations are what first drew me to these representations.  A naturalist and environmentalist at heart, I greatly appreciate the advantages remote sensing offers our society to help us combat our contemporary environmental issues, especially in the wake of global climate change. Remote sensing provides a means for creating solutions to fighting forest fires, planning for and monitoring of natural disasters, and developing a comprehensive geographical plan for the sustainability of our natural resources.

S.A.Q.A. – Visioning Project:

I joined S.A.Q.A to be in their Visioning Project to help me entertain my goals, write about them and actually obtain them.  It has been a wonderful experience to set out your goals and see them come to fruition.  I would recommend it to all artists!

BadAss Status:
More excitingly I have been asked to be one of the team members for the BadAss Quilter’s Society Stitcher’s Corp.  As Maddie writes on her blog  -and I quote: “It is our intention to fill our Stitch Corps with the best and most innovative individuals who like to share their process, their opinions, their outcomes and their samples with the wider world.”  I feel so honored to be a part of this new BadAss Society and can’t wait to get started on some special projects! I am a BadAss Quilter!

I have also been asked to be a pattern tester for a wonderful lady ~Laurie Tigner.  She is a very vivid quilter and specializes in pattern design.  I will be testing one of her new patterns for paper piecing.  Since I am a beginner at paper piecing this should be a fun way to hone my skills and get my feet wet in the pattern testing world.  Here is Laurie's business page on Facebook and her website.  Go check her out! She also teaches several classes around the country.  She is best know for her Madonna quilts...they are gorgeous!

Also this blog is part of my vision and goal to let people know about all of its forms.  Mine just happen to be a fiber artist way.  What do you inspire to create?