Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Berke Stock"

Hand dyed fabrics is one of my most favorite part of my processes.  So yesterday and today was my day to get some pieces ready for the upcoming projects in the cue.  I started with some low immersion dyeing.  I love this process because it's so easy, fast and it brings the chemist out in you!
You get to mix colors just like a Color Engineer does!

I wanted to get specific colors so I set out to see what the colors looked like on a swatch of fabric. This helped me to decide by looking at my project what colors I should mix.  Dirty Dubby, Chocolate Brown and a little bit of Terracotta were mixed to make the first shades of brown.

I love the book "Color by Accident" by Ann Johnston.  It's like a color bible with so much information.  I also chose the colors for the blues, yellows, and oranges the same way.

These came out perfect for me!  They are exactly
the tones and coloration I need for this project.  Here's a sneak peek of what I will be working on in the near future.

Here are my results! Amazing bright colors!
Outstanding for this project.  The one piece in the top left is an ice dye.

Now onto the ice dyed pieces.  This also is a lot of fun; not as fast as the low immersion dyeing, but just as rewarding at the end.

I started out with my fabric previously soaked in soda ash and then placed strategically in these colandars.  A little scrunching here; a little pleating there.  I also put other smaller pieces of fabric under the colanders which you can't see in this view.  The ice is added.... dye colors are sprinkled wait until the ice melts....and Voila!

A bucket full
of color just waiting to be washed.

Here are the results:

These pictures really don't do the colors justice.

This one is a vibrate fuschia red, yellow, and granny apple greens.  The right piece was  underneath the colander.  It is bright reds and very stark apple green.

The right piece again was the underneath.  Sometimes with those pieces you get greater contrasts and darker colors.  This piece was sprinkled with the browns that I had used in the low immersion process.  I love the way the color has split into component colors in the slow ice melting process.  This definitely is showing those blues contained in the brown dyes.

The dyes used on the next two images were turquoise, and three different blacks.  The color Raven sometimes splits with some purple hues.
These were all slightly pleated and then round around into the colanders.

The scrunched technique was used on the larger piece and the underneath piece was slightly pleated shown on the right.

This was a combination of blues that I had used in the low immersion blue fabric.  Turquoise, cobalt blue, and cerulean blue were sprinkled on these two pleated pieces.

This poor immersion dyed green piece (is not getting much love)....was supposed to be a Patina color, is going back into the dye bucket.  Although it is beautiful, it is not the right color for my patina colored Statue of Liberty!

Enjoy!  I do teach this technique. If anyone is interested, let me know.  We can have a class or a one on one session.

P.S. my cousin came up with this great name for my online store - "Berke Stock".  I like it! Thanks Autumn! 😍